Matchday Policy

Matchday Policy

Our players are the best that we could ever ask for. Every game seems to be full of positivity, encouragement and laughs. We like it that way. However sometimes things may happen in a game that you, or other players may not like. Examples of this could be playing too aggressively, being a bit too negative, regularly blasting balls out of the playing area, refusing to pass the ball to certain teammates, etc. 

Our matchday volunteers will try and sort this on the day with you. If they are unable to do this, or if further action is needed, then they may feel it necessary to record an incident for our staff at head office to review. Here are the possible outcomes of that review:

1. No further action to be taken.

2. A warning. Basically be careful with your behaviour.

3. A quick break. Take one game off.

4. A week off. Some time to relax and reflect.

5. A permanent ban. 

If you wish to appeal your outcome, then we’ll pass your incident onto our panel of directors to review, and then get back to you within 72 hours. Please note that any suspensions will stand during this time. 

We should let you know that any racism, homophobia, transphobia, or prejudice towards religion or people with disabilities results in an instant permaban. We really don’t like that sort of thing at all. 

Just a heads up, that these rules will also apply to any Football For Foodbanks organised socials or voluntary work too. That’s about it. Sorry for being stroppy.

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