Matchday FAQ

MAtchday FAQ

You Probably have a load of questions about matchday. Especially if you’ve never played with us before. We’ve tried our best to answer them below. Lets do this.

I want to play. How do I sign up?

All signups are done through our Facebook groups, you can find the links to our groups on our find a match page. There will be a post asking for players. Just comment on that post saying that you’re “in”.

Where do you play?

We have different venues across Sheffield and manchester. The venue we’re playing at will be on each sign up post. 

When does the post go up?

In the men’s group, usually the Facebook post asking for players goes live at 6pm two days beforehand. The women and gender minorities group is currently a bit more casual, and sometimes goes up a little bit earlier. There are exceptions for when we are trying something new, or we’re having promotional games against other teams.

How do I know I’m signed up to play?

Matchday squads are posted in the find a match groups on the day of the game. You should see your name in one of the team lineups.

What’s the standard like? 

This is the most common question we get. Nobody wants to turn up and stick out like a sore thumb. We get that It’s highly likely that you won’t be the youngest, the oldest, the fattest, the thinnest, the most skillful, the least skillful, the quickest, the slowest, the ugliest or the most attractive player we’ve ever had. Even if you are, we encourage positive feedback so try not to be concerned about how good you are. Chances are though that you’ll fall into the middle of the pack.

I’m lost, I can’t find the venue.

Please try to contact the matchday organiser on Facebook Messenger in the first instance. We’ll get you there.

I have to drop out on the day of the match. What do I do?

Please please please please get in touch with the organiser as soon as possible. If we don’t find a replacement, it means less money goes to charity as well as the teams being unbalanced.

What happens if I keep dropping out on the day of the match?

We’ve got a “three strikes within three months” rule. If you drop out three times on the day over the space of three months, that’s a permanent ban. Sorry for being tight, but like I said it’s the charity losing out. 

I have to drop out before the day of the match. What do I do?

Please get in touch with the organiser as soon as possible. No harm done.

How do I pay you?

We usually like to take payment from you when you arrive at the venue via our card machine.

How much of the money I’m giving you goes to foodbanks?

Honestly, it depends on the price of the pitch we’ve booked. That’s where the majority of the money goes. On average, about 20% of your subs go directly towards filling cupboards in your local community.

What should I bring? 

Most of the venues around Sheffield are astro turf or something similar. So astro boots are usually your best bet. We recommend shin pads, but they’re not mandatory. Water is probably a sensible idea too. Oh, also your bank card for payment.

What are the matchday rules?

The rules change dependent on the pitch and the number of players. We do like to make sure people are having fun, so if you’re being negative, diving into tackles, arguing with other players etc. then that’s generally frowned upon. We have a matchday policy which we’ve not really needed to use yet. But it’s there to make sure everyone has a laugh.

How do you decide who the player of the match is?

We just make it up as we go along to be honest.

I’ve had a bad experience at the match. Who can I complain to?

We are here to ensure that everyone has a good run out, and a positive experience so we take this stuff dead seriously. Please message the match organiser on Facebook.  We will anonymously deal with your complaint as a collective.

Can we go for a beer after the game? 

Of course. If we’re near a decent boozer, we tend to go for a drink after the match. Honestly, the networking is most of our players’ favourite part.

I can’t find the answer to my question.

Get in contact with us here.